Innovators have conquered the deepest seas, traversed the highest mountains, harnessed the energy from the Earth and sent humanity to space all in the pursuit of discovery. We are all capable of extraordinary feats, driven by curiosity and adventure into the unknown. At SSNG Techlabs we believe every single person can become a great innovator if given the chance to ignite their own passion in the undiscovered.

This Christmas, give your child the opportunity to Learn, Play and Create. Following our inventor guide, students will;

  • Build a smart robot that talks and show emotions
  • Make some noise with a music maker
  • Create and play a space race game.

Age Group: 9 – 16 years old
Camp Date: 16th – 21st December, 2019
Location: SSNG Techlabs, 5 Force Road, Onikan, Opposite TBS, Lagos
Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Name: SchoolstoreNg Limited
Account Number: 0002067532

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