So the big question, Are you prepared for the new session?

Here are a few tips or call them checklist to get you well prepared:
- Rest
- Refreshed
- New Skill or improvement/ mastery on acquired skills
- Scheme of work 
- Lesson plans ( for the first 4 weeks at least)
- Writing materials
- Teaching resources


Most teachers forget to have enough rest during the holidays. Or maybe, it's due to the euphoria of the moment packed with activities. Well, if you have not had enough rest, I urge you to maximize the few days left before resumption to rest well. You and your students can only be more productive when you are well rested and well prepared for the term ahead. 


Are you well refreshed? Did you get involved in activities that refreshed you physically (sports), emotionally (connecting with loved ones or engaging in activities you like), professionally (CPD)? It is not too late to have one or two of this ticked on your list. 


As a 21st century language teacher, you must be abreast of trendings in this field.What new skill did you learn that you cant wait to try out with your students or colleagues? What skill did you improve on? Anything that will make you a better language teacher will suffice. 


By now, you have an idea of the classes you will be teaching. Do you have your scheme ready? Or will you rather use the old one? Hmmm, i you will be using th eold one, remeber, to do some updates. You dont want your student gettig bored because they know all and how you will be taking your classes. 


Having your lesson plans ready is a great way to put stress away at the beginning of a new session or term. I encourage you to get them ready for the next four weeks to make your work easier.  Remember to cater for all learner types and get resources that will facilitate learning and teaching.


This is another sacrifice teachers make. It sounds funny but this goes a long way to make your work stress free. Get handy the following - pencils, pens, eraser, gum, plain paper, ruler, color pencils. Trust me, you will need them. you could also talk to your school about providing these, so, you can save costs. 


A big deal indeed! Choose resources - books, digital tools, websites, CDs, DVDs, Worksheets etc that will motivate your students and make learning a language fun.

What other tips would you be using? I would like to hear from you.