Doddle: Saving Teachers’ Time and Boosting Independent Learning

Doddle: Saving Teachers’ Time and Boosting Independent Learning

Doddle is a great online platform for ready-made homework, teaching and assessment resources designed to save teachers time and boost independent learning in secondary schools. With over 21,000 interactive resources across the KS3 and KS4 curricula, Doddle allows schools to tackle both their homework and workload challenges with one flexible platform for additional subjects.
It is also designed to save teachers’ time, target intervention and boost independent learning. Doddle’s online mark book monitors task submissions and generates powerful gap-analysis for the whole class and individual students.
Available on Doddle are 18 popular British Curriculum subjects across the secondary level, with the ability to support local curriculum subjects too, i.e. you can add your own content to the platform.




Available is a 2 weeks trial account on Doddle after which you can subscribe to our yearly packages.

For more details on how to subscribe, kindly contact:

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