What is Doddle?

Doddle is an online platform for ready-made homework, teaching and assessment resources, designed to save teachers’ time, target intervention and boost independent learning. Doddle’s online mark book monitors task submissions and generates powerful gap-analysis for the whole class and individual students. Doddle boasts 18 popular British Curriculum subjects across the secondary level, with the ability to support local curriculum subjects too.

With Doddle You Can…

Deliver High Quality Lessons
Doddle has thousands of resources and self-marking homework mapped to current exam-board specifications.
Increase Student Engagement
Our resources present students with interesting, real-life problems to solve, varied question and answer formats, and plenty of interactive audio and animated content.
Target Intervention
After identifying what individual students need help with, teachers can quickly assign them formative resources which will help to fill the gaps in their knowledge and indicate when they are up to speed

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