Parenting is not a walk in the park and the question “what does my child really need?” is for sure one of its hurdles. Your child can either grow into the future thanking you for the huge decision you helped him/her make while growing or they wish they had done it differently.

As parents and or teachers, the future of our children, students and wards rest largely on what decision we help them make when they could not see the past we have seen and the evolved future we see. Let’s discuss some of the things to consider while helping our children and students make decisions that would make them thank you eventually. At the end of this article, you can ask yourself the question, “Does my child really need this?”, again.


It’s no news that technology is taking the world to a greater height and the world in-turn is virtually reliant on it but if it is a news to you, I am happy you heard it from me. Imagine that the era when ATM machines, telephones, washing machines, etc really wowed us are gone and yes, I mean GONE because now some advanced technologies are being birthed by great minds (problem solvers) as fast as the seconds go by, we are in an era where self-driven cars, electric cars, pretty much sophisticated phones, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), robotics, etc are driving the world, very closely to the speed of light, to the future we once thought only existed in our imaginations.

Now ask yourself this; if the world is moving at the speed of light, how fast do you want your children to go? And oh, the speed of light, that’s some whopping 3*108 m/s, if you like high speed, do enjoy the ride.


Technology cannot be separated from education because education itself is the wheel on which problem solvers are driving the world at a whopping 3*108 m/s into the future. You might want to ask though, what is the importance of education? Simply put, education aims at equipping students with the right work ethic, mentality and knowledge to provide solutions to the challenges of the world to make it a better place.

According to a survey by our technology team in one of the top A level schools in Lagos and Nigeria, a whopping 100% of the students, from different classes, claimed (or confessed) that what they learned (knowledge and skill) in the STEAM club, they never learned in their classes, these students went further to say that they, including their colleagues in the school who are not in the STEAM club, are not really fond of their classroom experience.

A teacher in one of our STEAM teachers training workshop also said “the curriculum is boring and there is a need to completely transform teaching and learning”, the students are bored of sitting and staring at the board (they want to be able to express their skills and creativities), further interrogation/research revealed that students really enjoyed it when they are creative and they make things fly, beep, glide, walk, sense or do whatever they specifically want, that is when these students feel achieved and have a sense of expression they never had while going about their daily (and perhaps fixed) curriculum-based classes.


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) education should be the focus of education and unsurprisingly, students enjoy this education as this is where their true creative, learning, teamwork and professional instinct is being called into practice. A student at our STEAM club in Lekki already had her future planned, she surprised us all by clearly stating that she “wanted to make a business out of STEAM education in the future”, another discovered his area of interest in the STEAM club and concluded he wants to be a robotic engineer due to his love for what he had learned in the STEAM club.

STEAM education and skills open the minds of these students (your children) to the possibilities and opportunities in the future and help them make an earnest decision as to what future they would like to have.

Programming, Robotics, AI, ML, AR and VR all hold the key to the jobs of the future. Robots are alarmingly replacing humans in every sector, robotic cars alone will displace close to 40% human jobs soon, add that to the fact that doctors are at a very high risk also now that robots have been trusted to perform surgeries more efficiently than humans, X-ray imaging of human morphology which took a group of human radiologists 46-hours to decipher only took a well written ML (machine learning) algorithm 46-seconds! The question that comes to mind is; what skills will thrive in the future? In general, technology skills will thrive more than before than any other. Elon Musk is building a new world through technology and NASA recently said it does not need someone who could even speak English, but someone who could make something happen when simply handed a computer.

Now ask yourself again; “Does my child really need this?”, what is your answer?

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