EducationCity is passionate about providing engaging, educational content which helps students aged 3-12 years learn, and time-saving tools that support teachers in the classroom and at home. 

We cover all the subjects below, with curriculum-linked content: 



Access Anytime, Anywhere!

EducationCity offers a flexible solution for your teaching needs wherever you are, allowing you to plan in advance, set work for your students and assess their progress.

You can access our resources on a range of devices anytime, anywhere, including on whiteboards, laptops and mobile devices. 


Get your whole class together in front of your interactive whiteboard to introduce or reinforce a topic. There is lots of fun, educational content to engage your students as a group.


You can explore EducationCity in a number of ways on a laptop. Your students can focus on their individual learning needs and learn at their own pace, whilst you can track their progress.

Tablets and Smartphones

EducationCity can be used on mobile devices too, with the Puffin Academy app, a mobile Flash browser designed specifically with teachers and students in mind.


What’s more, you can even access EducationCity outside school hours if you have Home Access.

Great Value

  • Whole school access; no student limits
  • New Activities, tools and upgrades added regularly
  • Online support and training
  • Qualifies for Pupil Premium funding

See for yourself!


Primary Curriculum Overview

  • English & Literacy
  • Mathematics & Numeracy
  • Science
  • Foreign Languages
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Learn English
  • Computing

Families Curriculum Overview

  • Special Educational Needs
  • Home Educators
  • Maths
  • PlayLive
  • Foreign Languages
  • Literacy
  • Science
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