Boardworks interactive teaching resources

Boardworks: Interactive K-12 supplementary resources to enhance teaching and learning

In this free to attend webinar, Emily Whitmore will demonstrate how Boardworks can save valuable time, promote collaboration between colleagues, and enhance learning experiences for students through its simple, easy-to-navigate online platform. This session will provide an overview and live demonstration of the product, and it will reveal how Boardworks can:

  • Maintain consistency between teachers and departments
  • Save preparation time
  • Help teachers create interactive, interesting content for students
  • Promote differentiation and personalisation in lessons
  • Work alongside teachers to enhance the classroom experience for all

Join the webinar to find out how Boardworks’ turnkey library of interactive lessons and activities can empower teachers and engage students. Its wide range of ready-made animations and activities provide endless opportunities for collaboration, time management, differentiation, personalisation, and interactivity.

More information on this new, interactive, K-12 turn-key resource can be found on  boardworks website, where you can find a short video that provides an overview of the product. Additionally, this in-depth video provides more detail on how to navigate and utilise the online platform.

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Date and time: Saturday, June 12th 2021 at 10am


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