Learning French the Easy Way

Learning French the Easy Way

Hi viewers, I bring you tasty nuggets on ways you can learn French easily while staying at home.
Be ready to learn
As a novice trying to learn something new, you have to be ready to learn it and take the bull by the horn.

Fall in love with the French language
French is the language of love. And to speak any language, you’ve got to fall in love with it or at least, find a really good reason to stick with it even when the going gets tough.

Have a motive for learning French (What do I want to use it for?)
Why do you want to learn French? Find your own personal, meaningful reason to study French, and use it to keep you on track throughout your language journey. Once you know why it’s easier to stick with the following steps in how to learn French.

Create a Mini-France in your room or space
It’s easier to speak French when you’re surrounded by French. But you don’t need to live in France to immerse yourself in the language. In fact, you can surround yourself with French wherever you live. Switch the language settings on your phone to French. Watch French TV and movies. Read articles and books in French etc.

Download apps and resourceful materials you can use to learn French
There are free mobile apps that help you to learn faster even when you don’t have a teacher or helps you find French speakers who are learning your native language so you can practice communication.

Have a notepad to jot down vital expressions
You’ll learn French much faster if you focus on words and phrases that are relevant to your life. Plus, when you have real conversations in French, you’ll be able to talk about yourself.

Practice speaking it even if you might sound funny at the beginning stage.
If you’ve never spoken out loud in a foreign language, it can feel awkward. This is especially true with speaking French. French includes sounds that don’t even exist in English. When you’ve only ever spoken one language, forming your lips and tongue into new shapes to make unfamiliar sounds can feel jarring, like hearing a wrong note in a well-known song. Some language learners let this hold them back. They feel embarrassed about saying things wrong and making mistakes. Push through this fear by speaking French even when you feel silly. You’ll learn French much faster that way.

The icing on the cake!… we have free interactive resources you can use to spice up your learning journey.
For more information on how you can get this, contact millicenta@schoolstoreng.com or call 07035532097.

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