Let your child come and learn how to build their own robots from ground and automate their environment.

Amongst other projects, our young inventors will create digital landscapes with the raspberry pi, making electronic garden of spinning flowers, Laser trip wire, Parent and Fart Detectors.

Thanks to trainings like this, Redeemers International School, Apapa road, came first in their robotic competition by building a talking robot.

You won’t believe how easy it is to create yout own inventions!

Venue: 5 Force road, Onikan, Lagos

Age: 9 - 17 Years old

Period: 5 Days

Time: 9am - 2pm Daily

Cost: N25,000.00

Payment to: Schoolstoreng, 1010537429 Zenith Bank

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Mid-Term Code Club

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Camp Projects

Fart Detector

If you have a relative or dog who frequently likes to stink up the family home, you’ll be able to provide the advance warning necessary to evacuate the room.

Parent Detector

Students will learn how to use a Raspberry Pi to find out who’s been in their room! Make a parent detector that uses a motion sensor to trigger video recording via the Raspberry Pi Camera Module.

Spinning Flower Wheel

Who said gardening was difficult? Students will create a digital landscape with your Raspberry Pi by making an electronic garden of spinning flowers, pinwheels, and even some bees!

Laser Tripwire

Students will use a laser pointer, a few electronic components, and a Raspberry Pi to make a laser tripwire. Each time a stealthy intruder breaks the laser beam, the Raspberry Pi will sound the alarm via a buzzer or a speaker.

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