Is your child slow to pick up a book and hesitant to read? There are all sorts of reasons why kids may be unwilling to read. These reasons vary from lack of interest, difficulty reading, or a negative association...

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Leadership in Digital Learning (4)
During digital learning, parental involvement has evolved beyond simply wanting to know how the child is progressing, parents are also fulfilling the role of teacher or teaching assistant, so it is more important than ever...

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Leadership in Digital Learning (3)
Giving Quality Feedback Starts with the Design of the Activity. The trick to an effective assessment is to start by creating evidence-based activities. The Learning Scientists have an excellent blog and podcast full of evidence-based activities...

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Leadership in Digital Learning (2)
Learner Management Systems like Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams seem to be the preferred method of sharing resources. These platforms allow schools to bring everything into one place making it easier for both teachers and students...

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Leadership in Digital Learning
The global pandemic has forced all of us into the digital space where teaching and learning are currently taking place for many. But how is this sudden change being handled by school leaders who are...

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Learning French the Easy Way
Hi viewers, I bring you tasty nuggets on ways you can learn French easily while staying at home.Be ready to learnAs a novice trying to learn something new, you have to be ready to learn...

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CLASS VR: Immersive Learning in the Classroom
  Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment. There are some latest technology resources...

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