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Exercices de Grammaire En Contexte Niveau A1 – Nouvelle Edition

A new comprehensive collection in 4 levels to practise French grammar independently (A1-B2) A simple and progressive structure: summary tables to review rules, over 350 activities (written and audio) to work on grammar in context and end-of-chapter assessments. Activities punctuated with memes to accompany learners. ...

Focus: Ecrits en situation

The All-in-one reference and exercise book that develops written French skills using real life situation. For self-study of classroom use, this book features numerous pragmatic written documents based on real-life situations. Learners acquire or strengthen their reception and written production skills, to be reapplied in ...

Focus: Grammaire du français

For self-study or classroom use, this all-in-one reference and exercise book covers the entire French grammar from A1-B1. Covers the entire French grammar point by point: detailed grammatical explanation on the left page, application exercise on the right page, and an end-of-chapter assessment to evaluate ...

Focus: Phonie-graphie

A new reference and exercise book to discover and learn about Phonics. This book offers a clear and systematic structure for learning about phoneme and grapheme relationships (sounds and letters) with detailed explanations and 700 application exercises. A three-step approach to learning: Je decouvre to ...