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Broken Sky

Age14+ BIC CBMCE3N79 Accelerated Reader level16 UY Paperback ISBN: 9781409572022 Extent: 512 pages Dimensions: 198 x 130mmWelcome to a ‘perfect’ world. Where war is illegal, where harmony rules. And where your date of birth marks your destiny. But nothing is perfect. And in a world ...

Chronicles of the Happiest People

Chronicles of the Happiest People on Earth is a great and unputdownable read from start to finish. After decades of jousting with the powers that be and living to tell the tale, Wole Soyinka has returned to his roots: story-telling. And though it’s been nearly ...

The Giver of Stars

Alice Wright doesn’t love her new American husband. Nor her domineering father-in-law or the judgmental townsfolk of Baileyville, Kentucky. Stifled and misunderstood, she yearns for escape and finds it in defiant Margery O’Hare and the sisterhood bringing books to the isolated and vulnerable. But when ...