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100 Adventures to Have Before You Grow Up

Discover a life outdoors with this fun and exuberant guide, packed with 100 different big and small adventures. From building a den, to going on a skateboard journey, visiting a lighthouse and telling midnight ghost stories, every adventure will inspire you to get outdoors and ...
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100 Things Make you happy

This cheerful and inspirational book will make kids go “WOW!” and “Awwww” in equal measure. It’s packed with adorable animal facts, heart-warming nuggets from history, snippets of cool new science, amazing photography, inspirational advice from Nat Geo explorers, and fascinating weird-but-true facts. Sprinkled throughout are ...
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100 Things to be when you grow up

Who says adults can’t have fun? This book explores 100 of the coolest, wackiest, and most amazing jobs and careers out there, from astronaut to zookeeper, ice cream taster to game maker. Jam-packed with inspiration, hands-on projects, advice from National Geographic explorers, interviews with experts, ...
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100 Things to do before you Grow up!

This is THE to-do list for any adventurous kid who is not afraid to get his or her hands dirty! They always say time flies when you’re having fun, maybe that’s why your prime kid-years seem to sail by in a heartbeat. Are you living ...
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100 Things to know before you Grow up

It’s fun to be a kid, but are you ready for what comes next? Challenge yourself with these 100 things and you will be! Jam-packed with tips, tricks, and skills that every kid should master before turning 18, this is the ultimate guide to becoming ...
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100 Ways make the world better

This uplifting book inspires the next generation to step up and make the world a better place. In keeping with the Nat Geo Kids mission, it is full of practical, positive, and powerful ideas that every kid can consider, from simple acts of kindness to ...
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A is for Avocado: An Alphabet Book of Plant Power

This Veganuary, learn your ABCs the vegan way! Bright, bold and stylish this book will introduce young readers (and new vegans) to vibrant and powerful vegetables and plants: Avocado: The Aztecs used these rich, creamy fruits as a symbol of love
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A Year in Nature: A Carousel Book of the Seasons Hardcover

A Year in Nature is a beautiful, unique introduction to the seasons. The book opens out into a stunning four-part carousel, revealing intricately detailed pop-up scenes of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Follow a family of foxes as the tiny cubs grow up through the year, ...

Albert Einstein Genius Bio

On the 100th anniversary of the publishing of the special theory of relativity, this National Geographic photobiography chronicles the life of one of the most brilliant scientists who ever lived. Through compelling text and stirring archival photographs, the author recounts Einstein’s life from his privileged ...
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Alva Edison Future

This paperback addition to our Photobiography series, Inventing the Future, documents the life of Thomas Edison. This prolific American is recognised as one of history’s greatest inventors His 1,093 patented inventions include the light bulb, the phonograph, and the microphone. Young readers learn why Edison ...
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Ancient Celts

The distinctive languages, art, and mythologies of the ancient Celts give archaeologists with an enduring quest in Northern Europe. The Celts rarely used their written language, passing along beliefs, knowledge, and wisdom through oral traditions. Artefact-rich burial grounds, like the megalithic tombs at Newgrange, Ireland, ...
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Ancient Maya

As Europe endured its Dark Ages, the Maya mapped the heavens and mastered mathematics. They constructed vast cities in jungle landscapes, leaving legacies in stone at places like Palenque and Uxmal. In overgrown sites, archaeologists now piece together this civilization with the aid of satellite ...
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Book of Knowledge

Extent:208 pages Dimensions:230 x 178mm Paperback ISBN:9781409527688 Key Stage:KS2 Covers an amazing array of subjects including science and technology, geology, the human body, geography, history, plants and animals, and much, much more. Illustrated with stunning photographs, original artwork, clear, easy-to-follow diagrams, and colorful maps. Includes ...

Brain Games

QUICK: Name the most powerful and complex supercomputer ever built. Give up? Here’s a hint: It’s housed in your head and it’s the one thing that makes you YOU. Your brain is mission control for the rest of your body and steers you through life. ...
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Brain Games 3

Prepare to have your mind blown! Inside this book you’ll find mind-bending games and puzzles that are backed by the latest neuroscience discoveries and designed to fine-tune your mental muscle. Journey through elaborate mazes, solve crossword puzzles like a pro, and get your creative juices ...
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Brain Games Activity Books

Packed with science, puzzles, and tons of fun, this activity book based on the hit National Geographic television show will fire up your neural network! Calling all fans of the Brain Games TV show! Excercise your mental muscle with awesome challenges, wacky logic puzzles, optical ...
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Breaking Through

Award-winning author Sue Macy offers a fresh and timely account of women in sports in the 1920s, and how their determination, talent, and defiance in the face of criticism promoted women’s rights, redefined femininity, and changed the course of history. Join the team as Macy ...
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Build Ressillence: Anxiety and Self Esteem

Young children can find the world we live in daunting and a bit scary. There’s just so much going on with new schools, making friends and even things like climate change. This book will help young readers to develop a flexible mindset and to explore ...
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Build Ressillence: Unexpected Challenges

Young children can find the world we live in daunting and a bit scary. There’s just so much going on with new schools, making friends and even things like climate change. This book will help young readers to develop a flexible mindset and to explore ...
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Creative Writer’s Handbook

An engaging handbook with all the help you need to write better stories, blogs, scripts, and poetry, with lists of inspiring words and tips on editing and grammar. See how well-known writers put techniques into practice and try out ideas on the jotting pages. This ...

Dog in Boots

A story about loving who you are! Author Paula Metcalf Suitable for:  Age: 2+ ISBN: 978-0-19-275884-2 Publication date: 04/01/2018 Paperback: 32 pages Dimensions: 270x230mm
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Famous Fails

This fun book of quirky failures and famous flops will keep kids laughing while they learn the importance of messing up in order to get it right. Science, architecture, technology, entertainment – there are epic fails and hilarious goof-ups from every important field. Silly side ...
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First Encyclopedia of History

Extent:64 pages Dimensions:282 x 222mm Hardback ISBN:9781409522430 Key Stage:KS1 Who lived in the Forbidden City? When was the World Wide Web invented and who were the Aztecs? This bright and lively reference book covers all the major subjects of world history. Attractively illustrated with photographs, ...

First Encyclopedia of Science

Extent:64 pages Dimensions:282 x 222mm Hardback ISBN:9781409522447 Key Stage:KS1 Why do things float? How do magnets work? What is gravity? The answers to these questions and more can be found in this fact-filled book. Simple, easy-to-read text and lively illustrations introduce basic science topics. Also ...

First Encyclopedia of the Human Body

Extent:64 pages Dimensions:282 x 222mm Hardback ISBN:9781409520092 Key Stage:KS1 A fact-packed, beautifully illustrated, all-round introduction to the human body and how it works. Full of extraordinary photographs, detailed diagrams, stunning scans, x-rays and microscope images of the human body. Engaging text and clear, simple explanations ...