Les Loustics has a new multi-device digital resource for students and teachers. It has a free access website with fun activities for learning French. It is filled with Large illustration introducing the theme, communication objective as a question and Oral production outcomes at the bottom of the page. It also involves three or four different activities to understand and apply acquired knowledge. A course that is easy to use, tested by children and teachers around the world.

  • A course chock-full of visual and audio documents that reflects the lively and joyful world of children.
  • A creative, action-oriented approach to give children a zest for learning.
  • A gradual progression based on concrete communication situations and simple activities.
  • A fun and motivating way to learn French, increasingly enriched from one level to the next
  • Openness to other cultures and disciplines with work on concrete projects
  • A wealth of additional resources: a file with the tear-out resources for photocopying, a colour workbook with stickers and an audio CD, an enriched digital manual for leading the class, and colour flash cards.

A new site for students to work independently


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