ISBN: 9781408348048
Cephalox – The Cyber Squid
Evil swims beneath the seas of the planet Nemos… When Cephalox the Cyber Squid kidnaps Max’s dad, he gives chase in a stolen submarine. Can Max use his bravery, cunning and skill with gadgets to rescue him? And will he discover who controls the terrifying Rob beasts
Silda – The Electric Eal
Deep in the water lurks a new breed of Beast. The Robo beasts threaten the planet Nemos! Max and his new companion, Lia, plunge deeper into the depths on their mission to save his dad. But will Max survive the dangers that hide in the shadows? And can he defeat the shocking power of Silda the Electric Eel? Dive into Sea Quest and live the adventure!
Manak – The Silent Predator
A deadly new Robo beast has been sent to battle Max and his brave companions! Manak the Silent Predator glides through the ocean with one thing on its mind – kill them at all costs! But Max must survive because if he fails, the planet Nemos is doomed to destruction…
Kraya – The Blood Shark
Max is about to face the most awesome Robo beast – Kraya the Blood Shark. He must also confront the evil force that has created these deadly creatures, and uncover dark secrets about his family. Max is pushed to the limits of fear at the climax of his Sea Quest!
Shredder – The Spider Droid
When Max meets the mysterious Sea Ghosts, they ask for his help. An evil genius is threatening to wreck their city! Max ventures beneath the seabed, where he must battle Shredder the Spider Droid
Stinger – The Sea Phantom
Spectron, the Sea Ghost City, is in danger! The wicked Professor has unleashed another of his menacing Robobeasts. Can Max and his friends defeat Stinger the Sea Phantom and protect the Sea Ghosts
Crusher – The Creeping Terror
Far beneath the waves, Max’s Quest grows ever more challenging as he encounters mythical sea creatures. Max must tackle Crusher the Creeping Terror, or the evil Professor and his Robobeast will ruin the precious Crystal Forest
Mangler – The Dark Menace
Max and his friends have already fought off three terrible Robobeasts. Now they face the ultimate battle, as the evil Professor tries to use Mangler the Dark Menace to destroy the ocean worlds


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