Not all pain is visible, and I hope that beyond gaining a deeper understanding of Sickle Cell anaemia, this book will help you to show up better for people in your life who may also silently be in pain.
– Foreword by Ore Ogunbiyi

The Warrior Within is a captivating narrative of the life journey of a woman living with Sickle cell. It gives a vivid peek into what living life has looked like for her; her expectations, fears, challenges, and how she triumphs in spite of life’s numerous hurdles.

Banke, in this easy to read book filled with liberating nuggets – craftily woven into her many-sided personal life-story – reminds us that we can live our best life regardless of life’s challenges. For her it was living with sickle cell, for another, it could be any chronic illness or just facing the vicissitudes of life. This is a friendly assurance that we can win and keep winning.


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