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100 Adventures to Have Before You Grow Up

Discover a life outdoors with this fun and exuberant guide, packed with 100 different big and small adventures. From building a den, to going on a skateboard journey, visiting a lighthouse and telling midnight ghost stories, every adventure will inspire you to get outdoors and ...

100 Things Make you happy

This cheerful and inspirational book will make kids go “WOW!” and “Awwww” in equal measure. It’s packed with adorable animal facts, heart-warming nuggets from history, snippets of cool new science, amazing photography, inspirational advice from Nat Geo explorers, and fascinating weird-but-true facts. Sprinkled throughout are ...

100 Things to be when you grow up

Who says adults can’t have fun? This book explores 100 of the coolest, wackiest, and most amazing jobs and careers out there, from astronaut to zookeeper, ice cream taster to game maker. Jam-packed with inspiration, hands-on projects, advice from National Geographic explorers, interviews with experts, ...

100 Things to do before you Grow up!

This is THE to-do list for any adventurous kid who is not afraid to get his or her hands dirty! They always say time flies when you’re having fun, maybe that’s why your prime kid-years seem to sail by in a heartbeat. Are you living ...

100 Things to know before you Grow up

It’s fun to be a kid, but are you ready for what comes next? Challenge yourself with these 100 things and you will be! Jam-packed with tips, tricks, and skills that every kid should master before turning 18, this is the ultimate guide to becoming ...

100 Ways make the world better

This uplifting book inspires the next generation to step up and make the world a better place. In keeping with the Nat Geo Kids mission, it is full of practical, positive, and powerful ideas that every kid can consider, from simple acts of kindness to ...

A is for Avocado: An Alphabet Book of Plant Power

This Veganuary, learn your ABCs the vegan way! Bright, bold and stylish this book will introduce young readers (and new vegans) to vibrant and powerful vegetables and plants: Avocado: The Aztecs used these rich, creamy fruits as a symbol of love

A Place Called Perfect

Violet never wanted to move to Perfect. Who wants to live in a town where everyone has to wear glasses to stop them going blind? And who wants to be neat and tidy and perfectly behaved all the time? But Violet quickly discovers there’s something ...

A Promised Land

ABOUT A PROMISED LAND A riveting, deeply personal account of history in the making—from the president who inspired us to believe in the power of democracy In the stirring, highly anticipated first volume of his presidential memoirs, Barack Obama tells the story of his improbable ...

A Tiny Bit Lucky

Will Tom and his band be LUCKY enough to win the Rock Weekly Band Battle competition? They just might be if they could find time to practice! But with inspectors in the school, an amazing new cartoon on TV, caramel wafers to eat and a ...

A Year in Nature: A Carousel Book of the Seasons Hardcover

A Year in Nature is a beautiful, unique introduction to the seasons. The book opens out into a stunning four-part carousel, revealing intricately detailed pop-up scenes of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Follow a family of foxes as the tiny cubs grow up through the year, ...


Malorie Blackman Published: 05/02/2004 ISBN: 9780552551687 Length: 240  Pages Dimensions: 198mm x 15mm x 129mm Weight: 170g It’s just your average Friday night. Then the police show up. Your mum’s been caught on CCTV, breaking into a giant chemical company. They say she’s working undercover for A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E, a group against ...

A4 Box Files Black

These box files have a plastic lock spring mechanism to secure loose papers and also a metal ring hole for easy retrieval from a shelf. The file is suitable for filing both Foolscap and A4 paper sizes

A4 Clipboards

These simple hardboard clipboards hold paper securely and provide a smooth writing surface. Great for taking outside, use for drawing, rubbing and for simply attaching leaves, twigs and other outdoor ‘finds’.

About Help Your Kids with Study Skills

About Help Your Kids With Study Skills Stressed about your studies? Struggling with subjects? Anxious about writing an essay or preparing for an exam? This ideal home reference is here to help children and parents. With bright visuals and brilliant step-by-step content, this is the ...

Acrylic paint bottle 1000 ml, carmine 310 (Brown)

Water-based acrylic paint with a high amount of pigments and resin, in a bottle. It can be easily applied with a brush and once dry colors remain vivid and bright. It adheres to any type of surface; stencils, spatulas, and sponges are ideal tools to ...

Acrylic Paint bottle 300 ml with flow control cap, fuchsia 370.

The concentrated version in tubes is very pigmented and vivid. It should be diluted with water and applies well on any surface. The range of colours is well-balanced and offers unlimited shade possibilities. The bottled version is ready-mixed, the tones are intense and can be ...

Acrylic paint bottle 300ml yellow 210

Water-based acrylic paint with a high amount of pigments and resin. It can be easily applied with a brush and once dry colours remain vivid and bright. It adheres to any type of surface