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Tigtag has everything you need to plan and teach outstanding science and geography lessons for ages 7–11.

  • Each Tigtag lesson has a number of original films, designed to cover your key learning objectives in a clear and engaging way. Tigtag films capture children’s imaginations and place their learning in the context of the world around them.

  • Along with captivating films, visuals and games, every Tigtag lesson comes with a list of learning objectives, key teaching points, a suggested starter, main and review activities, ideas for practical work and a quiz.

  • Tigtag is produced by Twig World – creators of Tigtag Junior (jaw-dropping science for ages 4– 7) and Twig (captivating science, maths and geography for ages 11–16). Our award-winning team consists of filmmakers, editors, academics and researchers. The most important members of our team, however, are the hundreds of teachers who review the films and support materials to ensure that Tigtag provides an engaging and authoritative classroom experience.


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Everything you need to teach outstanding science lessons


Every Tigtag film comes with a related lesson plan, fun practical activities, a worksheet and a quiz.


Captivate your pupils in seconds with Tigtag's stunning films, visuals and whiteboard games.


Captivate your pupils in seconds with Tigtag's stunning films, visuals and whiteboard games.

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"When you search for a video on the internet so much comes up but it can be too long, poor quality and there are all those pop-ups, adverts and inappropriate language. Tigtag eliminates all the noise on the internet when you’re looking for high-quality videos that are relevant to use in the classroom."
Shane Taylor
The British International School of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
"Tigtag brings science to life in our classrooms. The three-minute video clips help teachers teach concepts clearly and concisely in ways that don’t take away from our teaching time, but rather reinforce student understanding."
Harvey Bagshaw
Union County Public School, USA
"Tigtag solves the challenges that primary schools face by having superb quality and engaging videos available to use in class, along with follow on activities. I think it is amazing – it is definitely unique as I haven't seen anything else like it."
Robert Havercroft
St. Gabriel's School, United Kingdom