Every parent wants a smart Child. Before you work on motivating your child, it helps if you understand why he/she resists reading in the first place. Below are possible reasons why your child shies away from reading: 

  • Does your child think reading is hard: We as adults won’t voluntarily pick hard work as a leisure activity, the same goes for your child. If reading is a struggle, he/she probably won’t find reading interesting or enjoyable. If your child is a struggling reader, look at why this might be. Does he have issues with fluency or hasn’t developed strong vocabulary skills. But, whatever the cause, if your child feels that reading is too much begin by identifying and addressing his areas of weakness. As he becomes a confident reader, he will enjoy reading much more.
  • Does your child think reading is boring: For some children, reading isn’t hard, but it isn’t interesting either. But it may be that they just haven’t found reading materials that motivate them. Think about what your child loves to do. Does your child have a hobby or special area of Interest? Does your son like alien adventure cartoons? Does your daughter like super-hero cartoons? It is your job as a parent to motivate them by finding reading materials that pique their interest and draws them into reading. You’re giving your children a motivational boost to read. It is worthy of note that Oxford University Press has put the interest of the children into consideration by creating contents that fit their specifics needs. For instance, they have reading contents that are specifically for children that love to watch Alien Adventure cartoons its known as Project X and they have contents for children that love to watch Superhero Cartoons which is known as Heros Academy. Get a variety of reading books here


  • Create a Book Chill time: You could make it a family tradition. Please note that this should be done regularly and not only at bedtime. The goal is to create that connection and get to a point where you both associate love and cuddling with reading. Anytime either of you needs a break, grab a book and read to your child. This is also a great way to bond with your child.
  • Don’t Push your child to learn to read: Most children learn to read naturally once they develop the preliminary skills. Your goal is not just to help them sound out words, but to encourage a love of books, both pictures and stories. If you push him, he’ll feel put on the spot, and that’s not a good feeling for a child. Therefore, we encourage levelled reading. This assists a child to read at their own level and ability thereby, eradicating the feeling of pressure to perform. They would just read because they love it and, in the process, develop the habit of constant reading.
  •  Model reading: “Children take cues from adults,” says Schwarts. If they don’t see you read, why should they? Talk to them about books. Try to juxtapose real-life situations with stories you have read and characters they remind you about.
  • Read the book, then watch the movie: Pick a classic that’s been turned into a movie- and read it together, a few chapters at a time. When they are finished you, all can settle down and watch the film version. Encourage them to discuss the difference between the movie and the book. This improves their recollective memory and their descriptive language.

Do you have additional tips you would love to share for parents?

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