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Discover how schools are inspiring 44% of their pupils to read more

How can you increase the positivity around books and reading, increase attainment in comprehension and reading and boost the wellbeing of children and teachers?

By implementing daily story time in school

A Farshore study with 3,000 primary school pupils reveals the transformative power of daily story time in the classroom:

  1. Despite only 24% of children being read to daily at school, 77% of them desire daily story time in the classroom.
  2. 91% of teachers desire to maintain daily story time, while 88% would like it to be a mandatory part of the curriculum
  3. Daily story time led to 44% of children choosing to read more.
  4. The wellbeing of both children and teachers has been significantly enhanced.

Teachers at Farshore Story time in Schools praised the project's significant impact on developing a Reading for Pleasure culture, strengthening children's bonds, and emphasising the importance of story-time as a primal, necessary, and antidote to modern life. They also highlighted the significance of children choosing their own books.

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