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Revolutionize Your Teaching: A Feast of Webinars to Elevate Your Skills

Are you prepared to start a path of personal and professional transformation as a teacher? Your entrance to a wealth of information and strategies that will transform your teaching approaches is our forthcoming webinar series. Join us as we explore the art of effective teaching like never before during this educational feast.

Examine the lineup of webinars in this article; each has a distinct focus, knowledgeable speakers, and practical takeaways. Talk about how these webinars serve educators at all career phases, from newbies to seasoned veterans. Tell teachers' success stories on how they profited from attending similar webinars in the past.

Collins International Webinars | What's Coming Up

Discover planning and teaching ideas for Primary Science classroom with Associate Professor Jane Turner and find out more about  boosting students learning through summative and formative assessment with Sioban Parker.

Get your teeth into Primary Science | Planning and teaching ideas for your classroom | Wed Oct 18th | Jane Turner